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Kentucky Fried Potholes

(PRNewsFoto/KFC Corporation, Brian Bohannon)

(PRNewsFoto/KFC Corporation, Brian Bohannon)

This afternoon, NPR featured a story about KFC offering to fill 350 potholes in Louisville, KY. The company is not making this gesture out of the goodness of the hearts, it’s about advertising. Of course.

On each pothole that KFC helps to fill, they are spray painting an advertising message.

My initial reaction was this is a pretty silly story. What, really, does KFC get from the whole endeavor? The effort doesn’t seem to be tied to any larger marketing campaign. And the above photo makes the entire thing look low budget. I was imagining the sprayed graphic to be something incorporating the Colonel’s face; you know, the quickly recognizable symbol of the company.

Maybe I’m being too cynical and KFC is doing this whole pothole thing in an effort to be a good corporate citizen. Also, media coverage from the likes of NPR…


Pop-up Business Cards

I love the way these business cards put a face to a name. The pop-up feature is just icing. There is still something so vital and interesting about a printed card. (via swissmiss)

Coca-Cola: Encounter

Spanish (?) Coca-Cola ad. Touching. Sure it’s an advertisement for a heartless, multi-national company, but it plucks the heartstrings. (via @muledesign)