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They should know better

I recently find myself a member of the great unwashed masses unemployed. The receiving end of a “financial restructuring.” AKA “laid off.”

In the nearly two weeks since that happened, I find myself vacillating between feelings of failure and comfort. Being out of work is strenuous. For me, my wife and our checking account. There’s only so much web surfing one can do in a day. Trust me. But there are the moments when I feel excited and liberated; I can use this time as a fresh start. Find a new agency, one that is better suited to me and I to them.

Former coworkers have been a God-send in helping me generate leads. Nothing has panned out thus far, but I feel like I have a good foot in the door. Beyond that, I am frequenting the likes of, and multiple times a day.

Each site has it’s positives and negatives. I can’t get behind the pay for service of hosting a portfolio on CreativeHotlist when Coroflot can do it for free. And what’s the deal with these “creative” services not supporting PDF formatted resumés? Upload a Word document? I’d rather scratch my eyes out.

Far and away the most egregious thing that I have noticed in all this is from Talent Zoo. They offer a resumé blast service. Talent Zoo is offering to send your resumé, as SPAM, to hundreds if not thousands of companies. Sure, the recipients are ostensibly looking to hire new employees, but this is no better than sending out “make it bigger” and “low-cost drugs now” messages.

For shame, Talent Zoo. As a creative services company you should be better than shifty spammy emails. It hurts your credibility as a legitimate job placement company.